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Serving Park City, Salt Lake, Alta & Snowbird!


Get started on your Custom Trip Details!


Ready Made Meals

Private Chefs

Welcome to Alta Provisions!


We started this company because we know how hard it is to organize a ski trip, let alone feed your hungry selves with no grocery stores close by, expensive restaurants, and limited sundries.  We understand no one wants to drive up and down our canyon when you have come to ski not run errands. 


We offer three services-

- Grocery shopping -

This delivery service includes stocking the pantry, unpacking refrigerated items, and filling the bar if you wish. We can go all organic, budget friendly, or get only the brands you ask for specifically.


- Prepared Foods -

If you want the convenience of ready made meals but can handle the serving and cleanup yourselves, we can drop off heat and serve meals, custom salad kits, and easy breakfast items to make life easy. CLICK HERE to see a list of our Prepared Foods options.


- Personal Chefs -

Don’t feel like hassling with any of it?Let us set you up with a local private chef to do it all.These pros will customize your dinners to be exactly what you’re looking for with none of prepping, cleaning, or organizing.Please fill out the form HERE to get check availability.


We have found that most groups prefer a combination of the 3 services.Typically, people order groceries for lunch, breakfast items, and snacks, and opt for heat and serve dinners for a night or two, with a chef who comes to cook for a special occasion.It is totally customizable to suit your size group so you don’t end up with a bunch of wasted items.

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